Le Darkness Line Flavors





  Burnt Caramel with Hazelnut

Flavor : burnt caramel flavored with aged balsamic vinegar and black lava salt with roasted hazelnut in the middle
experience: creamy, dark and smokey with tangy and salty note,  balanced by the hazelnut
Color Code: Mayan Gold


  Pistachio w Honey & Cardamom

Flavor : fresh organic pistachios, blended with organic local honey and ground cardamom
experience: takes you on Arabian night adventures, nutty, meaty, and sweet inspired by middle eastern confections, no sugar added
Color Code: Grass Green




  Candied Ginger & Lavender

Flavor : fresh organic ginger and Lavender candies and ground to a paste
experience: its a Roller Coasters on your tongue, starts with  sweet chocolate then you hit the spice note of the ginger to finish with soothing  lavender
Color Code: orchid pink




  Turkish Coffee

Flavor : Authentic Turkish coffee blend with medium and  dark roast, a hit of cardamom in a creamy Dairy free 70% ganache
experience: its like having a fresh and rich cup of Turkish coffee, that transform you to luxury
Color Code: Coffee brown




  Mint Lemonade

Flavor : fresh organic mayor lemon juice blended with fresh spear mint
experience: Spring is here!!  fresh  & tangy sweet lemonade with fresh finish of spear mint
Color Code: emerald green




  Dried Cherries & Pecans

Flavor : ground organic dried cherries encrusted with pecan bits
experience: tart and Bright cherries balanced with nutty pecans
Color Code: Port Red




  Holiday Spice

Flavor :  blend of 7 sweet spices  in a creamy Dairy free 70% ganache
experience: it taste like Christmas!! brings memories of pies and desserts of the holiday as the complex layers of the spices peak at you
Color Code: Sparkling black





Flavor : made from fresh organic orange juice
experience: delicate and fresh orange feel and taste the perfect chocolate accomplice
Color Code: Copper




 Champagne & Raspberry

Flavor : real Brute Rosé made into pate de fruit, topped with fresh & organic raspberry glaze
experience: a celebration of luxury and class, you taste the champagne and you finish with fresh sweet and tangy raspberries
Color Code: pearl white





Flavor : made with fresh organic blueberries
experience: sweet and summery blueberry glaze with layers of flavors from tart to sweet
Color Code: sapphire blue