A Day Without Chocolate Is Like A Day Without Sunshine.

Basel Bazlamit is a second-generation baker. He was born and raised in Jordan,
his family lives in Israel, and he has lived on three continents.

His mother was a great cook. His relatives crafted confections and Middle
Eastern/Greek pastries. He started baking at the age of 12. Over the past 20 years,
he’s perfected his craft.

About His Creative Process

Basel designs everything from the ground up, from the logos and boxes to the
recipes and the final products. The molds are created using 3D sculpting and 3D
printing. The flavors are designed to give you a full, intense experience in each bite.
The experience is designed to be completely different with each flavor.

About The Chocolate.

Basel prefers to work with pure, 85% Colombian Dark Chocolates; from a
single source. Like wine, he blends two chocolates to create a flavor profile; one is
more citrusy and one is more creamy, sweeter, almost nutty like milk chocolate.
Both are not overly sweet. His products embody some of the richest, most creative
and extraordinary ingredients you’ve ever tasted.

About The Ingredients.

Basel B Inc. uses only the finest locally sourced ingredients when available. All are
organic and gluten-free. The fruits in his chocolates and confections are from
California when available,  except hazelnuts from Oregon.

About The Chocolatier

For a few years during his childhood summers, Basel worked in his family’s candy shop
making French and Italian pastries, confections and chocolates.

After moving to the Bay Area and attending the Academy of Art, Basel stretched his
creative talents by working in 3D, lighting, modeling, as a layout artist, and as a
digital artist. He contributed to a diverse group of movies, including “The Amazing
Spider Man”, “Cowboys & Aliens”, “Guardians of The Galaxy”, “Ironman 2”,
“Transformers 5” and “Happy Feet II” for Marvel Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks
and Industrial Light & Magic.

Joseph Schmidt: Basel’s Mentor.

Legendary San Francisco chocolatier and Basel’s mentor, Joseph Schmidt, says,
“I know it’s going to look great and taste even better. You did an excellent job on the
flavors… now how fast can you make them?”